Narada Muni is an important character- a divine sage from the Vaisnava tradition, who used to roam in distant worlds or planets (lokas) for collecting news and see the wellbeing of people. He is believed to have got birth from the mind of Brahma, that’s why he is also called Manasputra. One interesting thing about Narad muni is that he used to spread information from one place to another and in this process he sometimes creates misunderstandings between the fellows.

Narad was a great musician, communicator and author too. He wrote ‘Pañcaratra’, a sacred book for Vaishnavs containing the technical and philosophical meanings of the temple Deity worship. The role of devarishi Narad in a number of the Puranic texts like Bhagavata Purana, and Ramayana is well-known.

He is picturised as a sage with a high bun of hairs adorned with flowers, hanging garland around neck and carries a veena. He uses to sing hymns, prayers and mantras devoted to Lord Vishnu. As a traveler he recites Vishnu name as ‘Narayana…Narayana’ or ‘Hari.’ He was the first to practice Natya Yoga.


Other names

One of his name is Triloka sanchaari received because he as a nomad roams around three lokas, namely, Swargaloka (heaven), Mrityuloka (earth, literally: "place of death") and Patalloka (nether-world) to find out about the life and welfare of people.

He is also known as Kalahapriya as he mischievously causes quarrels amongst Gods (devas), Goddesses and people.

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