One of the supreme deities of the cosmos from the Vedic times and considered responsible for bringing rain, for movement of sun in the sky. Lord Varuna is called as omnipotent and omniscient. He is lord of all water bodies and one of the most prominent deva in Rigveda.

Lord Varuna is very closely associated to the god Mitra. Varuna is one of the Adityas and believed to be an asura, when those beings were still god-like and had not yet degenerated into demons. The deity is also associated with the planets as moon and Soma.


Varuna is memorized as holder of celestial waters rains, oceans etc. He was considered highly furious and so was worshiped with fear as used to punish mortals for their wrong deeds. He was also considered the lord of dead like lord Yama and could confer immortality if he so chose.

In Later ages, Lord Varuna was replaced by lord Indra. Reason can be listed by this incident in the vedic history as legend says that Varuna was supplanted by Indra. As Indra was the only one who could get all waters of universe back from the demon Vritra. Vritra was a demon who stole all the waters of the universe, which was in charge of Lord Varuna.

Varuna then became god of the oceans and rivers; still important, but with hardly the grandeur he once had. The souls of those who drowned went to him, and he was attended by the nagas.

Makara or a sea monster is the mount of Lord Varuna. Lord Varuna holds noose or lasso made from a snake in one hand.

Lord Varun as Lord of Sindhi Community: Jhulelal

Varun Dev, water God also known as Lal Sai, Uderolal, Jhule Lal, Doolhalal & Zinda Pir. Faith has stablished Jhulelal as the Asht Dev (community God) of sindhis. Jhulelal is revered by all sindhis around the world

The second day of the auspicious month of Chaitra is celebrated all over as Cheti Chand, the prominent festival of Sindhi community. The festival is celebrated all over the world with traditional pomp and gaiety



Om Vam Varunaya Namah

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