Ketu is not actually the planet but the unique concept in Hindu astrology. Ketu is considered the node where Earth`s trajectory round the Sun, and Moon`s trajectory around the earth intersects in the south direction.

It is actually the precise point where the Moon is in alignment with the Sun and the Earth in common zodiacal longitude. Ketu is always 180 degrees apart from that of Rahu. Ketu and Rahu both are retrograde in motion.

According to Hindu Mythology, Rahu was punished by Lord Vishnu on the complaints of Sun and Moon during the occasion of drinking immortal nectar by all gods. Rahu was saved till neck due to nectar but his lower body burnt due to anger of lord Vishnu which was later revived and named Ketu. Since then Rahu and his cut body or Ketu are taking revenge by causing sun and moon eclipses.

Ketu is generally referred to as a "shadow" planet in Hinduism and is often depicted with a gem or star on his head signifying a mystery light. Ketu is also known as "Moksha- Karaka" or the planet influencing spirituality.

Astrological Effects:

Ketu is a malefic planet and doesn’t rule any zodiac, but recognizes Pisces as its own house. Ketu is dignified in Scorpio and enfeebled in Taurus. It is strong in Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo and Gemini. Ketu goes along beautifully with Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. Ketu is neutral to Jupiter while Mars, Sun and Moon are its enemies.


Ketu’s influence in any person, expertise him in healing abilities, pharmaceutical science, medicinal science, excellence in herb logy and astrology. But Ketu endows one with supreme form of spiritual enlightenment, which in itself is the greatest boon for human existence.

Ketu, if favorable for any person then brings him a lot of luxury, wisdom, fame and intuition while if unfavorable, it causes weak eyesight, poor concentration, boundless worries and anxiety, sufferings, and dark worlds.

Ketu can also cause different ailments in body in contrary to Rahu which affects brain, like leprosy, Anemia, cancer, pains in joints and nerves, paralysis etc.

Ketu Mantra

"Om Hum Kem Ketave Namah"

Navgraha Mantra

"Palashapushpa sankasham taaragagraha masthakam
Raudram raudrathmakamkhoram tham kethum pranamamhyaham"

Ketu Gayatri Mantra
om aswadhwajaaya vidmahae
soola hastaaya dheemahi
tanno ketu: prachodayaat

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