Ibrahim was born to an idol sculptor, Aazar in the kingdom of Babylon. As a young boy, he would see his father sculpt idols of various Gods and worship them. However, he would find it very intriguing and instead of worshiping these idols he would ride upon them and use them as toys. Ibrahim rejected the idea of idol worship and from the very young felt repulsion towards idols.

Ibrahim as a young man

As a young man Ibrahim would still laugh at people worshiping idols in temples, offer them food, talk to them and even cry in front of the idols. He expressed his anger towards his people who would worship such idols of stone who have neither any power nor can be treated as gods.

One day he went up to the mountain and looked at the star and told his people "Could this be my Lord?" But when it set he said: "I don't like those that set." He knew the God is always present and is not one that sets.

Then he saw the moon rising and told them: "Could this be my Lord?" But the moon also set. Then he saw the sun rising "Could this be my Lord, this is bigger?" But when the sun set he said: "O my people I am free from all that you join as partners with Allah! I have turned my face towards Him Who created the heavens and the earth, and never shall I give partners to Allah." Suddenly he heard Allah’s voice calling out to him and asking him submit to the Lord of the Universe and become a Muslim.

New Life

A new life started for Ibrahim who began calling his people to join the Muslim community. However, his closest person, his father was very angry upon hearing that these stone statues have no life in them and neither can they hear or listen to them. Ibrahim was unperturbed by this and asked the Lord for forgiveness.

Ibrahin faced stiff opposition from his men who refused to leave idol worship and follow his path. He then decided to destroy all the statues while the men would be away feasting on the riverbank. With his axe, he destroyed each one of them. When the men arrived and saw the destruction, they at once realised that it was the job of Ibrahim. Ibrahim asked them if these stone statues cannot protect themselves, how human beings could expect protection from them.

At this, the men got angry and started shouting at them "Burn him! Burn him! Take revenge for your gods!" Ibrahim hands and feet were tied and then thrown into a catapult. The catapult was released and Ibrahim was engulfed in fire and just then miracle happened.


Ibrahim came out the smoke, only the chains were burnt. People were surprised and realised that God saved him from fire. However, in spite of this miracle there were only two people who followed Ibrahim, a woman named Sarah and a man called Lot. They went on to other countries beyond Babylon to spread the message of Allah.

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