* Chuna (limestone), geru (red-coloured soil)
    * Roli, chawal (rice), moli (coloured thread)
    * Fruits, banana
    * Gur (jaggery)
    * Gwar ki phalli, mooli (radish)
    * Rice (approximate 1-1/4 kg)
    * Cotton wool, deepak, matchstick, money

Vidhi / Method of Performing the Puja

-The courtyard or the room is cleaned and with chuna (limestone) and with geru the image of Dev is drawn.

-In the evening, puja is performed with water, roli, moli (coioured thread), 1-1/4 kg rice, fruits, gut, cotton, banana, gwar ki phalli, mooli, money etc.

-The deepak is then lit and devotional songs are sung.

-People perform Tulsiji ka Vivah on this day with Shaligram.

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