Padyatra is referred to any yatra or journey that is done on foot. Padyatra is usually done for political purposes. However some padyatra has religious significance too.  Kanwar yatra in Hardwar and Diggi Padyatra in Jaipur are common examples of religious yatra that take place every year.
Diggi Padyatra

Unique Religious Gathering

Diggi Padyatra is one of the popular religious yatra that is held every year. The popular padyatra originates in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Diggi Padyatra initiates from Tadkeshwar temple in Jaipur and proceeds to Moti Doongri Ganesh Ji temple. The devotees after paying obedience at the temple, head for Sanga Baba temple in Sanganer.

The yatra then proceeds to Mdrampura and halts for the night. For the next two days, the yatra procession crosses Renwal and Bandi River. Day four take the yatris to Chausala and on the concluding day, the yatra culminates at Lord Kalyan Ji temple in Diggi.

Historical Significance

Devotees and followers of Lord Kalyan Ji who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu participate in the yatra. The temple of Lord Kalyan Ji is situated in Diggi village in Tonk District of Rajasthan. The yatra is thereby known as Diggi Yatra.

This temple was built by King Digva who used to rule the region approximately 6000 years ago. The King got afflicted from Leprosy owing to a curse. As the King was looking to finding ways of getting a cure, he heard a voice from the heaven that he will get cured once he installs the image of Lord Kalyan Ji at Diggi. The King obeyed and got rid of this leprosy.

Thereafter Lord Vishnu is known to have come as an incarnation of Lord Kalyan Ji and established himself at the place. The idol of Lord Kalyan Ji within the temple is unique as it is made from white marble.

The yatra is usually held in the months of Shravan and Bhadrapada and devotees from Jaipur and other neighbouring cities ensure that they enroute the Yatra, so as to seek blessings from Lord Kalyan Ji.

The Padyatra is considered to be the largest such yatra in Dhundhar region.

Lord Kalyan Ji Blessings

Devotees from all over the country flock for the annual Diggi yatra which is a unique event in itself. People come to seek blessings from Lord Kalyan Ji and free themselves from of various diseases. Devotees, both young and old sing and dance throughout the yatra route. The yatra is held every year and increasing number of devotees participate in the yatra.

Estimated 10-12 lakh pilgrims take part in the annual yatra which has grown by leaps and bounds in its popularity.

Seeking Blessings from Lord Kalyan Ji

Devotees have immense faith in Lord Kalyan Ji. This reflects in the devotion that people have in their Lord. Some have been participating in the yatra since last thirty years. People as old as 80 years participate in the annual Diggi Yatra with full religious enthusiasm. Religious offerings are made to Lord Kalyan Ji and devotees organize special langar throughout the yatra route.

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