Chhoti Diwali Festival is celebrated on the 14th day of Krishna Paksh in the month of Karthik. In this festival special importance is given to cleanliness and beauty. This is also known as Narak Chaturdasi because the demon Narkasur was slain by Shri Krishna on this day.The day has a significance of bringing rays of joy and fading of all sorts of negativity.

Legend behind Chhoti Diwali:

Mythological stories says that there was a demon king Narakasur, who won a war with deities and imprisoned 16,000 daughters of various Gods. He even dared to snatch the ear rings of Goddess Aditi, who was considered to be mother to all Gods and Goddess. Angered with this cruel act of Narakasur, Satyabhama, Lord Krishna’s wife decided to kill him.She freed the imprisoned 16,000 daughters and Mother Goddess Aditi. Shri Krishna later married all those daughters who were captivated by Narakasur, and on this day of Chhoti Diwali returned home.


There is a custom of taking early bath with rose petals in water and undertake oil massage to relax the body. Majorly, the day is utilized in shopping and preparation of sweets.

Vidhi/Method of performing Chhoti Diwali Puja:

  • In the evening, after taking bath, wear new clothes, have dinner and then perform the puja. Some people first perform puja and then have dinner.


  • Perform the puja by sprinkling roli and chawal on the photos, the deepaks and the silver coins.


  • Then flowers are offered.


  • Light the agarbathi sticks and put them in a banana/agarbathi stand.


  • Dhoop is shown since the dhoop daani gets hot soon it is advisable to keep a small plate under it.


  • The eldest women of the house or a daughter of the house puts tikka for everyone performing the puja.


  • After puja, everyone does pranam to elders and seek their blessings.


  • Out of the 11/21 clay deepaks, seven deepaks and one choumukh deepak is left in the thali on the chowki. the remaining deepaks are kept outside the main gate of the house, puja room, kitchen, penda and other rooms of the house.
In some houses the puja on Chhoti Deepavali is done very simply by lighting 11 deepaks only.

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