The festive season is almost there and everyone is looking forward to give their home a makeover that makes it glitter in the Diwali light. It is also an apt time to make your household clutter-free. One can stick with an Eco-Friendly decor and still standout in their clique. Here are some ideas for Diwali decor:

Diwali Decor Idea 1

Hand Painted Diyas

Lighting diyas in the true spirit of Diwali instead of opting for electric illumination is an excellent idea. This adds a traditional stroke with social responsibility in the festival. Hand painted diyas/candles which can be elaborately decorated with glitter, mirror work, beads etc. are an excellent idea for decoration. The creative energy of all the kids in the family can be utilized in this task. Moreover, diyas can be arranged in various geometric patterns and designs.  


Diwali Decor Idea 2

Diwali Sea Shell Candles

One can opt for natural decorative items like flowers and leaves instead of plastic decorations. Fresh flowers and floating candles can be used to decorate the house. One can prepare handmade scented candles from material like orange peels, salt dough, sea shells, glass jars etc. and place it around the house to make it all glistening and bright.


Diwali Decor Idea 3

Diwali Rangoli with Cereals and Grains

Rangoli is another traditional way to decorate the courtyard. These fantastic designs can be created using brightly colored spice powders, rice grains, pulses, dried coconut etc instead of chemical colours.


Diwali Decor Idea 4        

Floral Arrangement for Diwali
One can go for organic incense sticks instead of synthetic room fresheners. Spread the aroma of flowers by arranging fresh flowers like roses, jasmine, marigold, orchids, carnations etc in vases and place them in every room.

Diwali Decor Idea 5

Torans for Diwali
Torans are usually placed at the entrance of a house to welcome the guests. Usually, torans(buntings)are created with mango or coconut leaves, but they can also be created from cloth, cardboard, handmade paper and poster colours. 

Diwali Decor Idea 6

Paper Lamps for Diwali
Kandils (colourful paper lamps) can be made easily at home. These kandils can be put over the light, hung from the balcony, arches, entrance door or any corner of the house.

Diwali Decor Idea 7

Handmade Diwali Greeting Cards
Handmade greeting cards for Diwali can be prepared from recycled paper, colours, glitters etc.
Interiors can be refurbished by arranging the furniture in a different manner. This will give a      complete new look to the home.

Diwali Decor Idea 8

Traditional Indian Style Decor for Diwali
Dinner table for Diwali feast can be decorated by traditional embroidered table linen and handmade candles with fresh flowers in vase as the centerpiece.

Diwali Decor Idea 9

Pooja Thali for Diwali
A Diwali pooja thali can be prepared with velvet paper, kundan beeds, sweets, dry fruits, roli, chawal, flowers and diyas which can additionally make a perfect Diwali gift too.

Diwali Decor Idea 10

Handmade Chocolate Gift Hampers for Diwali
One can prepare beautiful Diwali gifts at home which are economical and useful. They can comprise of homemade chocolates, dry fruits, dry flowers, hand knitted toys etc. The gift box can be decorated with colourful paper (preferably recycled), glitter, ribbons etc.

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