Rangoli is an ancient and a popular folk art form of India. In India, people love to make rangoli on special occasions. What can be more special than making a beautiful and vibrant rangoli on Diwali. It reflects the auspiciousness and the splendor of the grand festival. We bring to you an interesting list of top ten rangoli designs to compliment your preparations for decorating your homes or celebration venue.

Rangoli Design 1                                                     

Lotus and Diya Rangoli Design

Diwali is a festival of lights. This is a rangoli that completely defines the meaning of the festival. It is a design that uses clay diyas on the doubled layered margins of the rangoli, drawn in the shape of a lotus in bloom. Colours could be used to fill in the remaining spaces. The light emanates a shimmering positivity that automatically dispels the darkness out of our lives. It could be an awesome choice for anyone on Diwali.

Rangoli Design 2

Colourful Rangoli Design
On Diwali, a rangoli created at the threshold of the house immediately welcomes one and all into the spirit of the festival. This is a rangoli made in a succeeding semi circle design with a creative touch on the borders. It has a vivid array of colours ranging from red, yellow, blue, pink and white that reflects the vivacity of the celebration. It is a perfect piece of free hand rangoli one can ever come across.

Rangoli Design 3

 Simple Rangoli Design
One does not always have to make a complicated rangoli on Diwali. A simple and sober rangoli can equally transport one into the feel of the festival. This simple rangoli design features a square shaped outline on which a leaf and a diya are alternately drawn. The leaf is given a multilayered hue of green, black and red. The diyas are made alive with a brown base and a red blaze, against a background of swapping shades of green and black. Real earthen diyas are lit in the centre, the corners and on the side of the rangoli to enliven the art in the atmosphere of the festival.       

Rangoli Design 4

Eco-friendly Rangoli Design
Simple and eco friendly, floral rangolis are never out of trend. This is a pretty floral rangoli designed in the shape of the sun. Golden bright yellow marigold flowers are used for the circular rim of the sun. Petals of saffron marigold, red roses and white lilies are blended to fill in the flares.  Little ornate earthen pot diyas are placed in between each tail of a flare. Surrounded by red rose petals a glistering copper bowl with a floating diya amidst flowers is placed at the centre of the rangoli to reflect the luminosity and the warmth of the festival.

Rangoli Design 5

Nature related Rangoli Design
Beautiful nature based rangoli rejuvenates freshness and newness highlighting the spirit of the festival. This is a designed that incorporates nature and festivity. In this rangoli an eye-catching peacock is seated on the branch of a tree in the centre of three concentric circles with peacock feather patterns at the periphery of the outer most circle. A host of colours embellish the peacock, the leaves and the flowers, along with the diyas on the outer most circle gives an artistic appeal and mirrors the force of the festival.

Rangoli Design 6

Lord Ganesha Rangoli Design
A great way to decorate the house on Diwali is to make a Lord Ganesh rangoli. This is a rangoli with Lord Ganesh at the centre decorated with an uncomplicated traditional design artistically laid out using red (vermillion/Kum-Kum), yellow (turmeric), white and maroon. Believed to bring prosperity and good luck a rangoli with Lord Ganesh instantly lifts up the mood of the festival. It is effortless and can be used for different festive occasions.

Rangoli Design 7

Ornate Lamp Rangoli Design
A rangoli with a traditional lamp or an ornate lamp could be used to decorate one’s house in a grand way or for any grand occasion. This is a rangoli design with striking colours and an ornate lamp at the centre highlighting the charm embodied by the rangoli. The richly coloured overlapping layers of lotus petal pattern give a 2-dimensional effect to the overall look of the spectacular rangoli. 

Rangoli Design 8

Unique Rangoli Design
This is a fascinating rangoli design featuring a diverse mixture of light, colour and fragrance. It is made against a light green square background with a neat bow shaped pattern in each corner, another pattern of red and yellow bordered square infused with magenta pink, red and dark green flowers. The design is uniquely simple yet, exuberantly apt for the festival making it a great option for anyone to try.

Rangoli Design 9

Swastika Rangoli Design
A rangoli could be made classy by giving an indigenous touch making it a delightful work of art. This is an ornamented pattern with a swastik designed with a lotus pattern at the centre. The patterns on the margins of each circle is given an indegenous tinge. One can elaborate the design by awakening one’s innovative skills. As per one’s choice, a myraid of colours can be used interchangeably to get an extraordinarily unusual impression each time you deide to make this rangoli.

Rangoli Design 10

Kundan Rangoli Design
This is a beautiful contrasting colours Kundan rangoli with diya and flower patterns. Bright emerald green and teardrop-shaped-deep-pink rhinestones are used to light up the rangoli against a transparent sheet background. Golden beats are used to enhance the look and feel of the rangoli. It would make a great fun even for unexperienced hand and children especially to try a hand on this design. Arranging the eye-catching stones are amazing and the rangoli one gets is as feisty as the festival.

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