Diwali comes with a bang and a boom. Crackers light up the atmosphere of the festival. No one can resist the temptation to tune in to the mood of the festival replete with crackers and fireworks. There is light, sound and action but of course with precautionary measures. We present you a list of top 7 most exciting Diwali crackers to help you enjoy a Diwali that is, totally out of the world.

1. Anaar or the Flower Pot 

Anaar or Flower pot cracker is a fountain of happiness. It is a little volcano that erupts in glittering gold or a multicolored spring of light and joy. It is a wonderful pick as it produces less noise, draws one into the feel of the festival and leaves one awestruck.  

Anaar Diwali FirecrackerAnaar Firecracker

2. Sparklers

Simple, enjoyable and child-friendly, sparklers are all-time favorite for any family. The lively handheld firework entertains with a glee blinking and cracking nonstop in tiny popping sounds. Bursting sparklers on Diwali is a humbling and a magical experience that works like a magic wand for all- young and old.

Sparklers for Diwali

Sparkler Crackers for Diwali

3. Rockets

A combination of speed and radiance a rocket cracker is the most popular firework. Like an adrenaline junky it takes off in great pace to an immense height and burst with a sprinkle of golden ecstasy. 

Rrocket Crackers for Diwali

Diwali Rocket Crackers

4. Ladis or Wala Garlands

In India, the sound of the wala garland crackers is almost synonymous to a grand celebration. The ear-deafening burst of the ladis in series herald the celebration of Diwali in an extravagant zest filled with maddening light and sound.
Ladis Crackers for DiwaliWala Garland Crackers for Diwali

5. Chakras 

The must loved chakras or wheel shaped crackers are brilliant and enchanting. It swirls in a whirlpool spray of light. As it dances in a circular display of light it impresses the onlooker and reminds one that Diwali is here. Besides it emits almost soundless and pollutes less.
Chakra Crackers for DiwaliDiwali Chakra Crackers

6. Atom Bombs

Atom bombs are great option to celebrate Diwali in a bombastic way. Loud and smoky the decibel breaking cracker is not a good choice for environment lovers but for those dare-devils looking for a boisterous diwali bursting atom bombs crackers is much awaited event.
Atom Bomb Crackers for DiwaliBomb Crackers for Diwali

7. Fancy Crackers

Fancy crackers come in a lot of variety.  It could be fancy missiles or fancy fountains. A mixture of noise, light and motion it takes the form of a rainbow shower, single-colored flash, noiseless spray of starry lights, multicolored sprinkle or a glowing cascade of light. It is just pure visual treat that embellishes and adds grandeur to the festival.
Rainbow Fancy Firework for DiwaliFancy Fireworks for Diwali

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