Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India that is celebrated with great joy and austerity. The best thing about this festival or any festival for that matter is that it is best enjoyed with our loved ones. But due to profession and other reasons many of us are not able to spend it with our loved ones. At times, some of us have to spend this joyous day alone. It is understandable that there is nothing more depressing and morbid than spending this day alone. But there are ways to make this Diwali a happy occasion in spite of being separated from our loved ones.
Diwali Away From Home

Tips to Celebrate Diwali When Alone or Away from Home:

  • Light up your home with store bought or DIY diyas or electric twinklers. Lighting up our homes brightens our home and our soul. This instantly makes us feel the festive spirit.

  • Decorating homes with flowers, Rangolis and surrounding yourself with festive music brings on the Diwali sentiment. Adding vibrant colors to our homes certainly boosts the festive spirit.

  • Preparing Diwali sweets at home gives that feeling of involving yourself in the festive feel.

  • Invite friends and neighbors to share the festive mood. Sharing sweets and savories always brings people together on this day.

  • If living abroad share religious legends and rituals behind this festival with people who are curious and interested to know about them.

  • There are numerous community events during Diwali, so do participate and enjoy them.

  • Visit nearby temples and surround yourself in Diwali spirit.

  • Dress up exuberantly - Dressing up in your best clothes is an excellent way to get yourself in a good mood to enjoy the festival. So max up the oomph factor on this day.

  • The world has become a small place, thanks to technologies on our side. Use facilities like Viber, Skype and other chat applications to have endless conversations with your loved ones and spread the Diwali wishes.

  • Religious people can always indulge in rituals pertaining to Diwali and feel in touch with God.

  • Donate - This is a joyous occasion for many at the same time many others feel deprived. Donate used clothes, money or food on this day to orphanages, old age homes and other charitable institutions. Nothings gives more joy than bringing a smile on another face.

  • Bursting crackers is not an Eco-friendly option and shouldn t be encouraged as it exploits child labor. There are light shows that  mimic bursting crackers. Do enjoy them and avoid bursting crackers on this day. It takes a deadly toll on our health, the noise pollution bothers elderly people and animals.

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