Diwali in Australia
Diwali is celebrated in almost all the countries worldwide having an extensive India population settled abroad. The festival of lights is celebrated widely by the Indian communities settled in various regions of Australia. Though there are many mythological explanations to this wonderful festival, but in the current world the festival of lights really stands for reaffirmation of hope, a renewed commitment to friend ship, religious tolerance, promoting peace and harmony and above all, celebration of simple joys of life.

Since the last many centuries, many Indians visit Australia as students or have settled there permanently as citizens. A majority of the Indian population in the island country are Hindus. Hence the Diwali festival is an important religious and cultural event in their annual calendar. Sydney is the most important and populous city in Australia. The Hindu Council of Australia organizes a Diwali Mela annually which is attended by several Indians living in Australia.

The day is marked by well dressed Indians offering prayers to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, the god and goddesses of prosperity and wealth respectively. A huge stage is prepared for worshiping, which is embellished with flowers, lamps and rangoli. Indian classical and modern form of dances are showcased highlighting the Indian culture. People come to the venue dressed in traditional Indian attire to enjoy the fiesta. Hence, this is the perfect place for socializing and overcoming nostalgia of the need to be in your home-land. In the evening, people enjoy a spectacular display of fireworks that make it one of the most memorable experience and takes people back to the memories of Diwali celebrations in India.

The fair also has stalls which include Indian apparels, crockery products, Diwali gifts, traditional Diwali sweets and other delicacies. The lighting of diyas (earthen lamps) at individual homes and commercial establishments on Diwali is a common ritual on this day. Indians living in Australia use this opportunity to showcase their unity in diversity and the rich cultural heritage of India.

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