Diwali in officeNow-a days like all the family members gather together, the office staff too gets together to celebrate Diwali. Since an individual spends most of his time in office, it has become a second home for most of us.

If one is far from home and Diwali celebration at work is more of a personal event, one can think about clearing and decorating your space. One can also can bring in photos of family celebrating Diwali and put them up in your cube for the day. One might bring in some dry fruits or coin candies to hand out to co-workers.

These days the human resource department of most offices organise Diwali celebrations in order to positively reinforce the staff. Moreover, employees who are far away from their family don’t feel nostalgic on this occasion.

diwali celebrations at work placeTherefore ,the day is celebrated together either before or on the day of Diwali. Entire office is decorated with flowers and lights. Everyone is dressed in traditional Indian attire. Stalls are set up to play games like card games, puzzle solving etc. Food caterers serve a variety of cuisines. The entire space is decorated with rangoli and lamps. Sometimes various theme parties are also organised.

Venue can range from office area to high end hotels. Gifts can vary according to office budget. Normally gift boxes that contain dry fruits, silver coins, electronic gadgets, crockery etc. are given away. Celebrating a festival like Diwali goes a long way in building up the spirit of unity. It gives the employees a feeling that their organisation values them.
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