Diwali in United StatesDiwali though primarily celebrated in India, is an important event for Indians across the globe. In America, Diwali is celebrated with the same enthusiasm as any other festival (like the Fourth of July or Christmas) in America. Celebrated in October/November every year, Diwali began as an ancient Indian harvest festival and is closely associated with several Hindu gods and goddesses. Diwali, the festival of lights symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, signifying the victory of good over evil.

Celebrants dedicate the festival primarily to Lakshmi- the goddess of wealth, Vishnu-the lord of prosperity, Kali – the goddess of strength, Lord Rama and Ganesha – a revered symbol of wisdom and luck.

Families get together, gifts are exchanged, grand feasts and sometimes dance parties are also organized at houses. Display of fireworks is a lavish affair. One of the biggest Indian festivals, Diwali is celebrated with diyas or small clay lamps that are filled with oil and lighted to welcome peace and prosperity at home. Everyone wears new clothes, ornate jewellery and indulges in relishing the traditional Indian sweet treats along with their loved ones. Diwali in the USA features the same rangoli and fireworks as seen in India. Celebrants often gather at community centers and halls to hob knob and relish the irresistible Diwali delicacies.

In the workspace, the entire office staff dress in their finest, festive traditional clothes and begin the event with the prayers and lighting of the diya. Festivities include games and a fashion show that conclude with a choreographed dance performed by professional dancers. All in all, Diwali is celebrated with same festive spirit in USA as in India hence, reflecting ones attachment to their motherland.

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