Flower Decoration on Diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights, prayers, gifts, cleanliness and beautification. It is a common belief that decorating and cleaning of one’s houses, shops, localities and streets would please Goddess Lakshmi who would then bless that area. Many days before Diwali, people clean their houses and decorate them. Although today there is an infinite range of products available in the markets for this purpose, it is always very special to make these things at home as it gives a very personalized feel. Some ideas to make exquisite decorative pieces at home are:


Diwali Diyas
Diyas are the most integral part of Diwali celebrations. Originally only circular Diyas were popular and used. These days different shapes and sizes of Diyas are available in the market. Diya is an oil lamp made out of clay. One can get different shaped diyas from the market and decorate them.

Golden colored paint can be used to paint them, which makes it look very auspicious. Mirrors, laces, beads can be put on the outer surface of the Diya.

Puja Thali

Puja is the most important part of any festival in India. Puja cannot be imagined without a Puja thali. Instead of using plain silver or steel thali, one can decorate them to give it more traditional and colorful feel.These days different shapes of thali are available in the market, which give a modern feel to the same tradition. Essential ingredients for a thali constitute Roli, Chawal, Bells, Kalash for water, a diya, incense sticks and Silver coins.

Chunari print materials can be used to cover the thali, along with laces, sequence, beads and ghunguru that can be used to decorate the edges of the thali.

Door Hangings

Torans or Bandhanvar is the most popular and colorful tool for Diwali decoration. These door hangings can be used to decorate the main entrance of the house, the temple inside, the entrance of different rooms and give the whole house a very auspicious look and feel on Diwali.

Diwali Candles

Decoration on Diwali
One of the most popular decorative ideas these days is the use of candles. An infinite variety of these candles is available today. Different shapes depicting animals, flowers, birds, popular figures etc are in vogue. Also, scented candles with variety of flavors are popular. A number of candles can be used to depict some overall theme in the house; it would not only look trendy but give a feel of warmth and creativity as well.


A rangoli is an art form that involves the drawing and coloring of varied shapes on the floor. Drawing Rangoli is not only a tradition that is followed on Diwali, but a very interesting decorative idea which can be extended to any level of creativity and give one’s house a very auspicious look and feel.

Flower Decoration

The use of flowers or garlands to decorate houses is a very old custom, but, the ambiance it provides to the atmosphere is incomparable. Till date, flowers are the surest and best way of creative decorations, be it any function. The main entrance can be covered by these flowers giving a very welcoming feel to the guests. The Puja area, the entrance of different rooms can be conveniently covered with garlands of different colored flowers. One can pluck petals of these flowers to sprinkle them at various locations.

Lamps and Lights

Using a good and innovative lightning effect is a very trendy idea. Diffused lightning, effect producing lamps, Color scheme produced by them can be used to give a lasting and innovative look to the complete ambiance.
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