Diwali Gifts
The custom of exchanging gifts on Diwali is the most anticipated part of the festival. The Festival of Diwali symbolizes a change of season and a change of mood. Diwali is predominantly celebrated by Hindus, but Sikhs and Jains also embrace the celebration with great zeal. Each religion has a different take on Diwali; however, one thing remains the same i.e Diwali is about happiness and peace for all. The defeat of evil is celebrated by bursting firecrackers, exchanging gifts, and general merriment with friends and families.

Diwali is associated with prosperity, therefore the tradition of shopping and giving gifts is a prominent part of the celebrations. Diwali is a time during which the entire country goes on a shopping spree. Gifting is a way to foster and encourage the feeling of brotherhood among people. Gifts are a way of expressing respect, good wishes, blessings and appreciation for our near and dear ones.
Diwali Gift Packages
Exchanging gifts is a symbol of prayers to God for the prosperity and well being of the recipient. Religious gifts such as Lakshmi Ganesh coins, idols and puja thaali are presented along with sweet delicacies that are a big part of the symbolism of Diwali. The tradition of exchanging gift on the auspicious occasion of Diwali is not a new concept. This phenomenon has been there ever since the celebrations of this festival of lights began.

During the period of the early celebrations, people would exchange homemade sweet treats (mithai) or homemade decorations. At that time, gifts were merely exchanged for the purpose of expressing love and good wishes towards the recipient. No one bothered about the monetary worth of the gifts but they used to value the emotions attached with the gifts.

The custom of giving gifts for Diwali has changed drastically. Today, it is regarded as a mandatory social obligation. People exchange gifts with their friends, families, neighbors, employees, colleagues and business associates. Present day gifts reflect the materialistic nature of modern society. Fresh fruits, sweets, dried fruits or imported chocolates are given as a gift, they are packed in elaborate boxes or containers that are quite flamboyant. Other gifts that people exchange are all sorts of electronic appliances, jewellery, watches, stationary, clothes etc. These elaborate gifts can be very expensive. To get some unique, traditional or fancy gift ideas for Diwali, click here

The custom of gift giving is a central part of the celebration. It is an excuse to get together in today s busy life and participate in religious and cultural events that define this festival and the Indian culture.

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