Diwali is that time of the year when the entire nation is engrossed in the splendour and sparkle of the festival. Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil and chases away darkness. Hence, during Diwali, children as well as adults light earthen lamps, burst crackers, etc. The fireworks create an ambience of light on the night of Diwali celebrations. But the joy can be achieved only if safety is followed. Therefore, practicing a safe Diwali is very important.

Tips for safe diwaliHere are some Precautions:

o    Children should always be supervised by adults while handling of fireworks and crackers.
o    Always wear cotton clothes and avoid synthetic/loose clothes.
o    The instructions on the box of crackers should be thoroughly read.
o    It is advisable to use eco-friendly crackers of reputed brands, from licensed shops only.
o    Keep regulators of gas cylinders off, protect curtains from stray rockets.
o    A first aid box should always be kept ready.
o    Ensure that diyas or earthen lamps are not near any inflammable material.
o    Any cracker which misfires in first try shouldn’t be re-lighted for the second time
o    One should protect oneself by wearing closed shoes, glasses if necessary and properly covered clothes.
o    The crackers should be lit in an open ground rather than an enclosed area.
o    Fireworks should be lit away from combustible objects.
o    Wear earplugs while exposed to explosive crackers.
o    Store your fireworks safely and keep your pets away from the noise.
o    Always use the sparklers for igniting the fire crackers.
o    Always ensure to keep your elbow joint straight in order to increase the distance between your body and the crackers.
o    Don’t ignite fireworks while holding them.
o    It’s a criminal offence to throw fireworks at someone.

In case of an accident following measures can be taken-

o    For minor burns, pour cold water on the wounds.
o    Cover the burnt area with moist sterile bandage (do not use blanket or towel).
o    If fingers or toes are burned, try and separate them with dry, sterile, non-adhesive dressings.
o    If clothing catches fire, drop yourself on the ground and roll.
o    In severe cases, rush the patient to the nearest hospital.

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