Food plays an important part in the festivities of all cultures. Diwali, the festival of lights celebrated by Indians, is no exception hence the preparation of these snacks starts weeks in advance. The umpteen variety of dishes produced in India is a testament to the burgeoning regional culinary skills. Some of the all time favorites that are relished by millions around the world are:

1.    Chakri:

Chakri for Diwali
These are spirals that are shaped with a hand-held nozzle. Chakri is made from rice flour, chickpea flour, cumin, carom seeds, red chilli powder and turmeric. The south Indian version is known as Murukku.

2.    Puris:

Puris for Diwali
These are made from wheat flour and traditionally deep fried in ghee/oil. Puris may be puffed or flat, soft or crispy and can be made from any combination of white flour, chickpea flour, semolina, grated coconut, various spices and fenugreek leaves. They taste best when served with potato or vegetable curry.

3.    Vegetable Biryani:

Veg Biryani for Diwali
It is a sumptuous India meal made of special basmati rice, vegetables, nuts, and spices and often decorated with gold/silver leaf.

4.    Namkin Shakarpara:

Shakarpara for Diwali
These are available in salty/sugary version and are normally diamond-shaped (in some regions ball-shaped).

5.    Pakoras:

Pakoras for Diwali

These are light, ball-shaped fritters made from potatoes, cheese, onions, eggplant, fenugreek leaves or whole chillies dipped in spiced chickpea flour batter and deep fried. These are served with sauce and chutneys.

6.    Farsi Puri:

Farsi Puri for Diwali
It is crisp deep fried, white flour bread spiced with carom seeds, cracked black pepper and cumin seeds.

7.    Samosa:

Samosas for Diwali
It is a famous Indian snack and a universal favourite. Samosas (are triangular in shape)are either fried or baked with a savory filling such as spiced potatoes, peas, lentils, vegetables etc. and are served with chutney.

8.    Kachori:

Kachori for Diwali

Is a crispy, spicy Indian snack that is deep fried and stuffed with lentils, potatoes, onions etc. These are round in shape and served with mint or tamarind chutney.

9.    Dahi Vada:

Dahi Vada for Diwali

These are lentil (urad) dumplings served with beaten yoghurt and chutney.

10.    Sev:

Sev for Diwali
These are deep fried gram flour noodles spiced with black pepper, red chilli powder and carom seeds.

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