Diwali is one of the major festivals in India and people celebrate their happiness by sharing gifts of all kinds. Though this is a religious celebration, the gifts need not necessarily be religious or spiritual in nature. Here is a look at Top 10 of the most happening kind of gifts fit for gifting your loved ones.

10. For Sweet Toothed Fanatics:

Chocolate and Sweets Gift Idea
There are no celebrations without sweets and there is huge assortment for those with a sweet tooth, starting with Chocolates, Gourmet Chocolates, Pastries, Indian sweets e.t.c  And there is a huge list of choice in each of this category leaving us dazed and excited when choosing them. 

9. Nutty Gifts:

Dry fruits and nuts Gift Ideas

Certain gifts have been done to death but still its significance and its association with the festival makes it time tested and is still being steadily followed by so many. One such tradition is to gift an assorted collection of dry fruits and nuts gorgeously packed in those shimmery wrappers. The package mostly consists of the basic dry fruits and nuts like Cashews, Almonds, Pistachios, Raisins and Walnuts and one could always go for the elaborate one that include dried Peaches, Prunes and Dates as well.. It is enjoyed by adults and children alike and it is a common scene to see children fighting for their favorites. One can just be too sure about receiving  at least one such gift on this day.

8. Home Furnishings:

Home related gift ideas
During Diwali, some people have the custom of buying something new and some specifically buy something for their homes. So any decorations for the home is an excellent idea as a gift. There are so many items like figurines, wall hangings, Candle holders, light fixtures, diya holders and even diyas are good to be gifted on this day.

7. Gadgets & Appliances:

Gadgets Gift Ideas for Diwali
We all are gadget freaks to some extent and some are more than the others. There are some gadgets which are simply super cool and some are practical for our everyday life. You can choose to gift a geeky one or the one with utility value. The list follows:

Geeky - Tetris Light, Water dancing speakers, Smart Laptop Lock, Neon Batman /Superman Sign.
Utility - A smart phone, Tabs, iPod,  latest gaming console, Swiss+Tech Transformer Micro wrench 7-in-1 Pocket Swiss Tool, Lower back kneading massager, Smart Baby Monitor.

6. Spiritual & Religious Gifts:

Religious Gift Ideas for Diwali
This is the traditional form of gifting where the gifts are based on religious and spiritual factors. Gifting idols of deities is a popular option. One can gift idols of Goddess Lakshmi, Durga/Kali ,Lord Ganesha, Vishnu, Buddha, Rama or Lord Krishna depending on the individuals relevance to the Diwali festival.

5. Handmade & Personalized Gifts:

Personalized Gift Ideas
A personal touch to your gifts adds more value and are cherished by your loved one. So whip out the artist in you and create a master piece this Diwali. One can foray in to Canvas Paintings, Glass Paintings, Jewelry Making, Ceramic figurine molding, Origami, Quilting, Knitting, Pottery and million other options. There is endless opportunity to surprise and excite your loved ones with these one-of-a-kind gifts. Or if you are not of artistic nature, then you can always go for personalized gift items like Art Posters, Photo Cups, Engraved Glass, Customized Plaque, Printed Pillow Cases e.t.c

4. Jewelry & Accessories:

Jewelry is a have-to accessory to flaunt during celebrations and there are overwhelming choices for women; like Pendants, Necklaces, Kadas, Bangles, Jumkhas, Nose pins, Anklets and the list is endless. Men can flaunt too, by wearing items like Bracelets, Finger Rings, Cufflinks. One can also choose to wear them in Gold, Silver, Platinum.

3. Clothing:

Indian celebrations always calls for grand and elaborate clothing and this is applicable for both men and women. The best part of these celebrations are seeing men and women in traditional clothing, dressed impeccable and looking divine. There is a huge assortment of clothing like Sarees, Half Sarees, Lehengas, Salwars, Churidhars for women and Kurtas, Sherwani s, Jodhpuris for men to choose from. This is the day to dazzle everyone with their attire and become symbols of opulence and happiness.

2. Moolah Madness:

Gift Ideas for Diwali
Moolah on any day is welcomed with open arms and an unrestrained smile, so why should this day be an exception. This form of gifting is mostly done by the elders to the youngsters. In spite of showering their family members with an array of gifts, the elders always gift them money as well, as it is a symbol of sharing their prosperity and has religious significance. 

1. Beauty & Health Related Gifts:

Beauty Related Gifts for Diwali
The next big thing for women is anything related to beauty and health. Cosmetics play an important role when women dress up, so this is an excellent way to excite your Lady Love or any lady for that matter. If you aren t too sure about choosing the right cosmetics for them, a gift vouchers from top brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS are also most welcome. This is a sure shot way to put a smile on a lady s face.

Another way to make her smile is to give her a perfume from top brands like Gucci, Hugo Boss etc.

For Fitness freaks, there are options like Gym Memberships, Workout equipments or even hiring a personal trainer. Special membership coupons for Zumba, Kick Boxing classes are also very good options. These gifts show them how much you love them and know them.

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