Durga Puja is celebrated in several parts of the world primarily by the Indian communities settled there. Now the celebrations are gaining increased popularity in other countries as well. Some of the countries where Durga Puja is celebrated are:

  • In Muscat, Bongiyo Parishad (Bengali Association of Muscat) celebrates Durga Puja with Bhog distribution (Astomi & Navami) and Anjali in Shiva Temple. Vijaya sammilani (cultural programs on the event of Vijaya Dashami/ Dussehra) is also a part of this celebration. This festival is enjoyed by hundreds of Bengalis and other natives.

  • In Nepal, Dussehra is known as Dashain. Primarily being a Hindu nation the pattern and the dates of festival celebrated in Nepal coincides with those of India. The King of Nepal plays a key role in the festivities, particularly during Saptami or the Seventh day of the pujas.

  • Bangladesh has the second largest Hindu population in the world and Durga Puja being the greatest religious festival for Bengali Hindus, the celebrations span across the country with over thousands of Puja Mandaps set in villages, towns and cities. The last day of the festival, Vijaya Dashami, is a national holiday.

  • In the United States puja weekends are time for Bengali friends and family to spend time together savoring Bengali culture. The places are abuzz with cultural programs, food, stalls selling ethnic clothes, jewellery, books and music DVDs and much more. There is a general atmosphere of festivity.

  • In Australia, the major Durga Puja festivals are held in Sydney and Melbourne. They are also held in a grand manner in Perth, the capital of Western Australia.

  • In London, London Sharad Utsav celebrates Durga Puja at Ealing Town Hall, London.From 2006 the immersion of the Durga idol has been allowed in the Thames river for the festival which is held in London.

  • In Malaysia and Singapore, the Malaysian Bengali Association and the Bengali Association of Singapore celebrate Durga Puja with Bhog distribution and Anjali along with cultural programs every year.

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