As every year the Engineers Day will be celebrated on 15th September’2010, throughout the country. This year will be the 43rd Engineer s day.


image_2008-SAHS-Engineers-Day-10.jpg“Climatic change as an environmental issue is not hidden from anyone as we are all there to face the challenges and outcomes of it. Industrial growth, with no concerns towards the environment has lead to alarming environment issues. Right from air, food and water pollution to global warming, Human race is now facing the results of ruthless environment exploitation.

To combat and fight against this global environment crash and climatic changes the role of Engineers comes first. What is required is not to decelerate the Industrial growth, but rather to ensure that there is Industrial growth with Low emission.

One way to go about it is to use green fuel, second and third generation fuel, solar energy, wind energy, and other forms of environmentally friendly forms of energy.We have to stop the exhaustion of primary sources of fuel, example-coal.

Engineers Day Video

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