“I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends;
 I am surrounded by angels, But I call them friends.”

Although friendship day is primarily celebrated by youth, even the adults and kids enjoy this day by planning a get-together or some kind of outing with the friends and close associates.
Ideas to Celebrate Friendship Day
The celebration revolves around making one’s friend realize his importance and to show the affection and concern that one has for him/her. Some ideas to make the day memorable for one’s friend/ friends are given below.

1. Write a Poem

If a particular friend is one of our best friends, a way to make him/her feel special is to write a poem with personalized feelings and touch.

2. Organize a Party

Friendship Day Party
Friendship day is not bounded by any set of customs or traditions, thus, it can be celebrated in one’s own ways. To plan and organize a good party with food, music, games and lovely decoration is a sure-shot way of bringing smiles to a friend’s face and to make them feel special.

3. Send Cards and E-Cards

One of the most popular way of expressing our love and good wishes for friends is through the exchange of Friendship Day Cards. It has been seen that cards come in very handy when we wish to emote our deepest feelings or convey our warm wishes for friends. Nowadays e-cards are mostly preferred as it is comparatively much easier and cost effective to send even to the friends far away from us.

4. Present a Gift

Friendship Day Gifts
A gift is never measured by its size; its real value comes from the thought of making someone feel special. Small gifts like chocolates, cakes, flowers, photo-frames, hand-made stuff, coffee mugs, etc are very popular amongst the youth.

5. Make a Poster

You can always rely on the online free poster making sites. Make posters, collage or greetings online with them and surprize your friends!

6. Plan A Trip Together

Friendship Day Trips
There is no better time than than Friendship Day to plan a trip together. Gather all your "long time no see" friends, enjoy the trip to memory lane and make your friends feel special.

7. Make A Memory Book

Write down all your thoughts and memories with your friends and show it to them as well. Ask them to do the same for you. Pen down each other s views in it every year!

8. Watch These Friendship Day Videos

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