‘A Hug is worth a thousand words, a Friend is worth more..!!

Though started in the US and initially a part of only western countries Friendship Day is now celebrated worldwide including India to cherish the beautiful relationship.The noble notion of honoring buddies and friendship has incredibly caught on with the youth in India and one can see the festival being  enthusiastically celebrated by the youth especially, students.
Friendship Day in India
In tune with the spirit of the occasion, people dedicate this festival to their best friends. People usually prefer celebrating this day by spending the entire day with their best of buddies and rejoicing the occasion. The euphoria lies in dedicating this day to people who might not be related to them my blood but has been a big part of their life. A relation that has no boundaries and no obligations, yet that lasts forever.
Friendship Day Celebrations with Bands
The section of the society most enthusiastic about this day is the youth and the schools and colleges become the major part of it. Exchanging of friendship bands, friendship cards, gifts and chocolates are common practices. Friends meet each other and tie the friendship band around their friends’ wrist. The malls, discotheques and pubs are the popular places to hangout.
Friendship Day
Following its western counterpart, commercialization of Friendship Day has been started to a great extent in India too. Prior to the first Sunday of August the shopping malls and stores are full of cards and gifts for the occasion. Promotion of the day and advertisements also begins through both print and electronic media. It is felt that advertising campaign has helped to generate awareness about Friendship Day festival and the idea of having a day dedicated to friends.

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