When the nation was rejoicing independence (1947), Gandhi went to Naokhali to ameliorate the conditions of the communal riot victims.

On 30th January 1948, Gandhi was assassinated in New Delhi by Nathuram Godse who held him responsible for weakening India by insisting upon a payment to Pakistan.

The man of the century had the courage of heart and spirit of the unafraid. His life and teaching reflect the values of this country and the values of humanity.He had been a beacon light to an army of freedom fighters who practised non-violence in world and deed.

Gandhi’s memorial at Raj Ghat in New Delhi bears the epigraph ‘Hey Ram’ which is believed to be his last words when he was shot.

Jawaharlal Nehru addressed the nation by saying that :

“Friends and comrades, the light has gone out of our lives, and there is darkness everywhere, and I do not quite know what to tell you or how to say it. Our beloved leader, Bapu as we called him, the Father of the Nation , is no more. Perhaps I am wrong to say that; nevertheless, we will not see him again, as we have seen him for these many years, we will not run to him for advice or seek solace from him, and that is a terrible blow, not only for me, but for millions and millions in this country.”

Gandhi’s ashes were immersed in some of the world’s major rivers like the Thames and Nile as he had wished.

Mahatma Gandhi was a simple man, with simple tastes and high values. Respecting that, even though Gandhi Jayanti is one of the three official national holidays, the festivities are minimal. 

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