The mythological basis of the celebration is found in the Puranas. Parvati, while taking a bath, wanted somebody to guard from outside. She made an idol out of the dirt that came from her body and placed the idol outside. The idol did not even let her husband Lord Shankar enter. Shankar became furious and instantly severed the head of the idol.

When Parvati came out she explained her husband the reason for placing the idol before the door. The idol was her creation. In fact the idol was her son ("manas putra"), and consequently also Shankar s son.

ganesh1.jpgShankar felt sorry for what he had done and ordered his servant to go and bring the head of the first living being he would meet. The servant saw an elephant, and he at once cut his head and took it to Shankar. Shankar joined the elephant s head to the body of Parvati s son. "Gaj" means elephant and "anan" means head, so Parvati s son became known as "Gajanan". Shankar made him the deity of his armies and thus his name became Ganesh.

"Gan" = army, "Ish" = god or Ganpati, which means "The Lord of Hosts".

गणेश चतुर्थी कथा और गणेश जी की उत्पत्ति के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ें क्लिक करें

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