Complete body of Ganeshji or Ganpati has symbolic imports for his devotees:

  • Large Stomach    
          Represents his great capacity to digest all good and bad in life.

  • Short Legs:
          Symbolize tolerance power.

  • Large Ears:
          Imply listening devotees.

  • Small Eyes:
           Imply having high concentration power.

  • Mouse as Vehicle:
           Represents a deity of control over desires.

  • Large Forehead:
            Develops great intelligence

  • One Tusk:
            Retains good and throws away bad.

  • Long Trunk:
           Represents high efficiency and adaptability.

  • Four Arms:
           Ganpati s four arms hold the following:

           1. “Ankush”:- Symbol for control over the mind

           2. “Ladu”:- For happiness

           3. “Pash ”:- axe to cut off all bonds of attachments

           4. “Ashirvad mudra”:- blessings for the well being of humanity


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