One of the most auspicious festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi, the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha is celebrated with great devotion towards lord.

It is thought that Ganesha bestows his presence on earth for all his devotees on this day. On this day, devotees observe the vrat (fast) and have strong faith that this vrat of Ganesh Chaturthi will shower success, wisdom and prosperity to them.

It is known that the Chandra- moon was the first one to observe this fast in order to relive from the curse put on him by Ganesha as moon once misbehaved and slighted Ganeshji’s strange form.

This is one of the reason that seeing moon on the night of Ganesha Chaturthi is said to be forbidden.

This fast of Chaturthi is observed by many people on Ganesh Chaturthi. Sweets specially modaks are prepared by women and presented as offering to the lord and then shared as prasad among all devotees.

Many people visit temples and pray for wisdom, health and wealth on this day.

Ganesh Chaturthi Video

गणेश चतुर्थी व्रत कथा और पूजा विधि हिंदी में पढ़ें, क्लिक करें
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