Ganesha Festival is one of its kinds when mother and son both are worshiped together.

The other name for Goddess Parvati, the mother of Ganesha is Gauri while in some areas like Pune, Goddess Gauri is considered as sister of Ganesha but the Goddess is worshipped with full devotion and welcomed home a day before Ganesha Chaturthi.

Devotees believe that bringing home Goddess Gauri will bring them wealth and prosperity. Some regions consider Gauri Puja as upasana of Goddess Lakshmi.

Goddess Gauri is kept and worshipped for three days – first day is the avahana, next day it is Satyanarayan puja and on the third day Gauri is immersed in water.

The preparations for Gauri puja are made in the same way as Ganpati, women mark foot steps of Goddess by using Rangoli (colorful powder) and then the idol of Goddess Gauri is brought home.

Then at mahurat (auspicious timings), Naivedya (offering) is presented before Goddess and the ritual is followed by singing aarti (holy song) and praying to Goddess for health, wealth, success and prosperity.

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