In Maharashtra there are eight famous Ganesh temples, which are places of pilgrimage and are visited by countless number of people every year with the faith that these visits wipe away all the sins and lead man to the ultimate truth, the Moksha.

Lord Ganesh s images and pictures are not only seen presiding over the lintels of the doorways of many Hindu homes, it can also be found as heartiness of good luck out in hospitals, private nursing homes and clinics.

Ganesh is looked upon as the god of good harvest and hence after his immersion clay is brought from the waterside and sprinkled into the farms and storerooms for luck and prosperity.
During the last 5000 years of history in the pre-Vedic era, the concept of Ganesh had reached all over the world and idols of Ganesh in various forms have been found in Java, Indo-China, Nepal, Cambodia, Tibet, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka where He is regarded as the protector and savior of mankind from the menace of ghosts and demons.

The most popular and colorful Ganesh festival is a wholesome occasion for ritual worship prayers, celebrations and hospitality. It also means cheer, goodwill and homemade sweets, spicy snacks and a variety of delicious preparations!

One of the sweet dishes prepared during this festival is Modak .

Modak is a ritual sweet dish, specially prepared on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, which lasts for 10 days. For all these ten days, every day a special sweet dish is prepared in offering to the god and then distributed as ‘prasad’ to the members of the family and friends. Ganesh Chaturthi is the first day on which Modaks are prepared. All the same, they can be prepared any day as sweet dish for the family.

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