Ganesha is considered to be the Lord of wisdom and every year the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated with great zeal.

This festival symbolizes togetherness as thousands of people come together to celebrate this festival on a grandiose scale. But these days this festival is raising the burning issue of Environmental Pollution.

The immersion of gigantic Ganpati idols in the natural water bodies is adversely affecting the aquatic life and the harmful chemicals from idol are contaminating water.

The material used for idols like plaster of paris (POP) is mainly the compound of gypsum, sulphur, phosphorus and magnesium. Chemical paints comprise of mercury, cadmium. lead and carbon.

Immersion of idols with such poisonous and toxic elements raises the level of acidity, solid matter, organic matter and heavy metals in water bodies.

It’s high time now, seeing the alarming rate of environmental pollution many institutions have come forward with a campaign of GREEN GANESHA or ECO FRIENDLY GANESHA FESTIVAL. The National Green Corps campaign involving school children to promote the use of clay idols has picked up steam in different areas.

A popular idol making company nearby Mumbai has also started its manufacturing by clay rather than Plaster of Paris. Running campaigns is still not the remedy as, solution remains within all of us.

All devotees should take a step forward in this direction, just by altering the ways of celebrating this auspicious occasion.

Now days, craze of Green Ganesha is growing means people are getting aware of the fact and turning towards the idols made of Clay or Paper Mache.Green Ganesh

Unpainted idols are also in use, which are without the harmful elements of paints. Even the alternatives are to use the idols made of brass or stone which can be reused in coming years.

Immersion of idol in water tank rather than lakes, river and sea is also practiced. These practices will surely lead to Eco-friendly Ganesha Festival.
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