Gangaur festival is the most significant of all the festivals that are being held in Rajasthan. Read about this fun filled festival celebrations across different places in the state.

Gangaur In RajasthanGangaur in Jaipur

The Gangaur festival of Jaipur is famous worldwide for its joyous and merriful happenings. A special kind of sweet dish called ‘ghewar’ is prepared which is a characteristic of the Gangaur festival. People relish ghewar very much and also distribute it among their friends and relatives. A sawari or procession of Gangaur starting from the Palace gate known as Tripolia moves through the city streets passes through Chaugan. Lots of visitors and villagers witness the procession and admire its beauty.

Gangaur in Bikaner

Married women and maidens fast during the festival. They prepare sweet dishes, carry them to a well, make an offering thereof to the goddess, and return home and distribute these as prasad to all.

Gangaur in JodhpurGangaur in Jodhpur

A fair of lotias which is a distinctive feature of the Gangaur celebrations accompany other celebrations in Jodhpur. Early in the morning, thousands of maidens, clad in dressed in beautiful costumes, singing melodious songs, bring water and durva grass in silver or brass pots to a place known as Girdikot. A large number of citizens are spectator to the celebrations who horde to the locality just to be a part of the celebration.

Gangaur in Nathdwara

The procession of Gangaur lasts for 7 days in Nathdwara. Each day, a particular colour is chosen for the dress of the goddess. On the last day of the festival, the women dressed in black with the embellishment of golden lace on it carries similarly dressed idol of Gauri. This indicates the final departure of Gauri.

Gangaur in UdaipurGangaur in Udaipur

The idols of Isar and Gauri are taken to the Pichhola Lake in a procession, thereafter they go around the lake in a boat, for an hour. A dazzling and sparkling display of fireworks marks the conclusion ceremony on the banks of the lake.

Gangaur in Banswara

In Banswara, the sawari of Gangaur or procession is taken out from the Zenana Deorhi to Singhvashi Chowk. Traditional religious ceremonies are performed around the areas within the palace compound.

Girasia Tribe during GangaurGangaur Among the Girasias

The Girasia tribe of Sirohi-Mount Abu belt, celebrate Gangaur in continuation with the festivities from Holi to Akshaya Tritiya, that is, it nearly lasts for more than a month. They roam from village to village singing, dancing and extending invitations while carrying the idol of Gangaur. The idols are brought back to the village from where they started. During the festival, the eligible boys and girls of the tribe meet each other and select life partners of their choice and elope with them to marry as per the custom of their community.

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