Gangaur GhudliasGangaur brings with itself 18 days of worshiping Shiva and Parvati in the face of Gauri and Isar. The unmarried women of the house fast for all these days in order to be granted  with a boon of a good husband and the married ladies fast for the welfare of their partners. The clay icons of Lord Shiva and Parvati are married at the end of this festival and the Bidaai is taken out as a huge procession in lanes of Rajasthan.

The married and unmarried women sing folk and traditional Gangaur Geet on this day in praise of the God and the Goddess. These songs heighten the liveliness and excitement in all Rajasthani homes.

Here are some of the Rajasthani Gangaur Geet picked from the history for you:

दूब लाने व सवेर का गीत


Gangaur Geet - Doob Lean Ka Geet
Saber Ka Gangaur Geet
Gangaur Songs
Shiv Parvati Geet
Gangauri Geet
Songs for Gangaur


Geet of Gangaur

मिट्टी लाने व पानी पिलाने का गीत


Gangaur Festival Geet
Gangauri Puja
Morning Geet Gangaur

रात का गीत

Gangaur Night Songs
Gangaur Traditional Songs
Gangaur Rituals
History of Gangaur Songs

Rajasthani Songs on Gangaur

गोरबिन्दोरो, बधावा व बिदाई का गीत


Rajasthani Geet
Gangaur in Rajasthan
All Gangaur Songs

गणगौर आरती

Gangaur Aarti

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