Gangaur Festival is a 18 days fast for women and ladies of Rajasthan. It is very important to keep oneself healthy during that while. One of the things that you can have during the festival is the Kaddu ka Raita. Here are the Ingredients of the Recipe for you:

Kaddu ka Raita

Kaddu Ka Raita



1/2 cup


2 cup


¼ Tsp

rock salt

¼ Tsp

mustard (raai) powder

½ Tsp

cumin powder

½ Tsp


Grate Pumpkin (kashiphal) and boil in 1/4 cup water at low flame. When water dries remove it from the gas and let it cool.

Beat curd and mix all the ingredients along with kaddu (pumpkin).

Serve it chilled!
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