Air smelling of sweet fragrance and colourful bed of flowers is the most pleasurable sight to people visiting Delhi’s Garden of the Five Senses.

Delhi heralds a spectacular flower show every year in February. The Garden Tourism Festival was first introduced in 2004. A huge variety of flowers and exotic plants are displayed at this festival.

New Delhi s annual Garden Show invites visitors to glance through the implausible exhibition just as the flowers are blossoming and the gardens are bursting with colour.

Garden Tourism Festival in New Delhi | Festivals in India 

The Garden Festival displays beautiful flowers, trees, alongside rockeries, fountains; theme based gardens horticultural demonstrations and specially designed water gardens with exotic lilies.

Also, it showcases thousands of variety of flower like dahlias, roses, potted plants, bonsai, home plants and others. Flower enthusiasts and horticulturists find it a great place during the festival. Apart from flower display, painting competitions for children, art camp for budding artists and thematic cultural shows to entertain the visitors are also held at this festival.

Flowers are arranged in a popular Japanese art called Ikebana. Besides this, a wide variety of medicinal plants, hanging baskets, garden equipment, accessories, fresh plants and everything related to garden and gardening are displayed. Garden festival is not only a visual feast of flowers, but also quenches the thirst of gardening enthusiasts and horticulturists by helping them in knowing them about new techniques being employed in the science of gardening. The place is also fun and frolic for children of all ages.

There is also another annual garden festival, which is held at the ancient Talkatora Gardens. It also displays hundreds of colourful flowers and exotic plants that twinkle viewers’ eyes.

Various Asian countries participate in the garden festival at the Garden of Five Senses. It helps in establishing a healthy relationship between Asian cities.

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