The Festivity

This day turns on the festive mood of all devotees, following principles of Shree Krishna. Devotees sing holy bhajans of Krishna and "Bhagavatam.

People decorate their houses and even Temples are also specially decorated on this day. Many devotees from farther places, plan their visit to mathura- the birth place of Krishna, to attend festive celebrations.

Special arrangements of Dahi-handi are made at different places, where devotees in the form of human pyramid, enjoy grabbing dahi from the pot hung at certain height, imitating the childhood activities of Shree Krishna.

On the day of Gokulasthmi, devotees remain asleep till midnight and observe a daylong fast, which is broken only at midnight, after singing Arti and offering dishes made of curd and butter before Krishna.

Till midnight, devotees get deeply dissolved in the holy mood and sing devotional songs expecting the holy birth of Krishna, the almighty!

Forthcoming Festivals