Ceremony of dahi-handi :

This is popularly followed in the cities of Mathura, Dwarka,Vrindavan, Mumbai , the ritual of dahi handi is an enactment by young boys of Krishna trying to grab butter from the pot (handi). As Krishna was fond of Maakhan, this tradition brings lots of fun, frolic and emotions with it.

How is it performed?

In an earthern pot, milk is put with some ghee, and dry fruits, which is suspended on a height of some 20 feets. The boys/ girls form the shape of a pyramid trying to break the pot in an organized manner. It is customary that people standing around throw loads on water on these boys to stop them grab the pot.

Its religious significance:

The act of dahi-handi is supposed to throw away all negativities and bad-omens.
Ceremony of marking Foot- Prints:
This is mainly practiced in South India, where the ladies mark/ draw foot prints using kumkum mixed with water, right from the door step to the inner puja room(meditation room), where the idol of balswaroop of Shri Krishna (child image) is placed.

Along with this the puja room is also decorated beautifully using chawki, swings, wall hangings, idols, flowers etc.
foot print

Its religious significance:

Devotees believe that by marking footprints and decorating houses they welcome positive energy in their homes. They also hold the feeling that Lord Krishna himself visited their homes and marked the place by his foot-prints.

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