Good Friday Prayers
Good Friday celebrations start by kissing a plank of wood depicted on the cross of Christ. After this ritual, people perform other practices that begin at 3 o’clock where narratives read out four gospels from the holy book. Later on, the general communion service is performed at midnight and then takes place the burial.

On Good Friday particularly, the bells of the church remains silent because this day is marked as a SAD DAY for Christians.

People follow the example of Jesus Christ and keep fast on this day. According to the story – Christ fasted in desert for forty days before beginning his teachings to overcome the Evil.

Good Friday

However, this period of forty days is popularly known as ‘Ash Wednesday’. This ends on ‘Lent’ also known as ‘Good Friday’ followed by the Easter Sunday.

Even today, many people perform a three-hour service on Friday, in remembrance of the death of Christ. Out of these three services, one service includes seven distinct elements stating seven utterances of Christ when he was hanged on cross.

This incident is famously depicted in the small town near Goa (in India) called Panjim. Good Friday is celebrated in this part of India with great spirits. Many people gather there to take part in the celebrations which is held in full bloom in the churches.

Famous Mass held in Konkani (a village in Goa) is attended by large numbers of people and is considered to be the attraction point of Christian community throughout India and abroad. People visit the church to pay homage to the lord Jesus Christ.

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