Ugadi in Andhra PradeshUgadi is the commencement of the New Year for the  Telugus or the people of Andhra Pradesh. This was the day on which Lord Brahma, the creator of the world began his creation.

Significance of Ugadi

Leaving the past behind and starting afresh is one of the key aspects of Ugadi. On this day many new ventures are started by the business community and it is auspicious for the families to make new investments and buying new things for the home.
The 1st day of the lunar month Chaitra is considered to be the day for Ugadi celebration which falls in the month of March/ April of the English calendar. Ugadi also ushers in the spring season.

Rituals of Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh

Two days before Ugadi the women of the house clean the house and surroundings and decorate the entrance of the home with mango leaves, called Thoranam. They make colorful rangolis and buy new clothes for all the family members. The mango leaves signify a good harvest and prosperity for the year ahead. The day starts with taking a sesame oil massage and bath and then  tasting the Ugadi Pachdi. After tasting this dish, all the family members visit the temple and offer prayers. It is also a day when predictions for the coming year are made by the pundits.

Ugadi Recipes from Andhra Pradesh

Ugadi Pachadi
Ugadi Pachadi is a dish of 6 different tastes. This is made up of neem buds, jaggery, green chilli, salt, tamarind juice and unripe mango. This dish signifies the sweet, sour, and the bitter experiences of life.

Watch the video below to learn how to prepare Ugadi Pachdi

On this day, special sweets are also made for this festival. They are Payasam and Arisulu.

Payasam Sweet

Payasam Recipe on Ugadi
1 cup Rice
3/4 cup Sugar
3/4 liter full cream Milk
10-12 Cashew nuts and Raisins
a pinch of Cardamom powder


Take a large container and boil milk in it till it becomes half, then add beaten rice and cook, add sugar and cardamom powder. Lastly add raisins and cashew nuts and serve hot.

Learn how to make the Ugadi Payasam from this video:

Arisulu Sweet

Arisulu/Ariselu on Ugadi


1/4 cup Sesame Seeds
1 kg Rice
3/4 kg Jaggery
Oil for deep-frying
1 cup Water


Wash rice and soak it for 6 hours, then drain it and grind the rice to fine powder. Boil jaggery with some water till it melts and boil it till it becomes like liquid syrup, then add the rice flour and stir. After removing it from the stove, make small balls and flatten them on plastic sheets and apply sesame seeds on the puris. Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the puris. Place them on a plate and let it cool and then serve.

Here is the how to prepare Ugadi Arisulu/Ariselu:

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