Guru Arjan Dev Ji was fifth Guru of the eleven Sikh Gurus. Born in Goindval, Punjab, he was the youngest son of Guru Ram Das Sahib Ji and Bibi Bhani Ji. Bibi Bhani ji was the daughter of Guru Amar Das. Guru Arjan became the fifth Guru on September 1st, 1581 after the death of his father Guru Ram Das.
Guru Arjun Dev Martyrdom Day
Guru Arjan Dev was the first Sikh Guru to be executed. One most important work done by Guru Arjan Dev is the compilation of the Adi Granth. He collected all the deeds of  the earlier four Gurus and had them written down in the form of verses in 1604. He added the teachings of the Hindu and the Muslim saints in the compilation. In 1606, Guru Arjan Dev was punished by the Mughal emperor Jagangir for refusing to remove the teachings of the Muslim saints from the compilation and tortured the Guru, which eventually led to his death. Since 1606, his martyrdom is observed every year on June 16 by the Sikhs. 

Before he died, Guru Arjan Dev passed the light to his son Guru Har Gobind, as the next Guru. The city of Amritsar was constructed by the Guru. He also founded other cities like Taran and Kartarpur.

Guru Arjan Dev organized a system called masand, where a group of representatives taught and spread the teachings of the Gurus and they received a partial offering of Sikh s income called as Dasyand which can be treated in terms of monetary values, goods or can be services. These are paid by Sikhs to support the building of Gurudwara Sahib, Guru Ka Langar which are called as communal kitchens.

Sharing intends to spread love, respect and equality. Langars are open to any visitor who visits the Gurudwara, which signifies the casteless society and equality for all human beings. The land which is known as Amritsar today was gifted by the Mughal Emperor, Akbar. He was very impressed by practice of sharing food by sitting on the floor like a common man, in the Guru s kitchen.

Guru Arjan Dev was very famous among his followers. He ardently taught and spread the message of the teachings and philosophy of Guru Nanak.

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