Shri Guru Ravidas JayantiThe birthday of Guru Ravidas on Magha Purnima every year is celebrated by the name of Shri Guru Ravidas Jayanti.

It is the annual focal point for Ravidasis (follower of Guru Ravidass). Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on 3rd February.On this day there is an Akhand Path read; the Nishan Sahib is changed ceremonially, and there is a special Arti and a Nagar Kirtan procession bearing his portrait taken out to the accompaniment of music through the streets of the temple locality. In Gurdeheras his image is worshiped. 

On the occasion of Ravidas Jayanti several processions are taken out and people dress up like Ravidas and his associates. The birthday is celebrated on a huge scale and various programmes remembering the achievements of the great ruler are organized.

Brief Life History

Guru Ravidas was born in a village near Varanasi, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India in 1376 CE. His father was a leather merchant. He was born in a poor family. Nonetheless he rose to a position of great honour through a life of simplicity and piety. He set an example for his followers to break the barriers set up by so called upper castes and set a philosophical and armed path for freedom. He incited his followers against cruel ruling class. He motivated his followers for a sovereign state of Begampura. He was the first to motivate his followers to challenge discrimination on the grounds of caste. Because of his charismatic deeds, he has become an important figure in the Whole World, his followers call themselves Ravidasis. He was the first to motivate his followers to make/call them untouchables who make/call them so. By his deeds he proved that he was a high caste, although others were calling him a low caste. He was the first to scientifically prove the highness of his caste.

Ravidasi Beliefs

Indian religious leader and founder Satguru of the "Ravidasi" beliefs, revered by most Hindus as a Sant, by Nirankari sect, Balmiki sect as a Guru, by Radhasoami organization as a Sant and as a Bhagat by Sikhs, which is a somewhat lesser station than that attributed to him in other faiths. He is referred to as Guru Ravidass by followers of his beliefs. 

Forthcoming Festivals

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