Rajasthan - the colorful land brings celebrations to the rich culture of India. No Indian who has ever heard about historical battles can ever forget the name of name ‘Haldighati’ and more specifically “The battle of Haldighati”, where the King of Mewar- Maharana Pratap fought ferociously. The yellow colored soil of Haldighati turned completely red during the battle in 1576. One still feels that the sand smells of blood. The blood shed by those courageous soldiers in the valley stands as witness of the battle with a proud head. This tale of courage has compelled one and all to salute Maharana Pratap as one of the real men of India.

Over the years, the daring stories of this historic site has inspired everyone around the world. In fact the historical facts invite a large percentage of tourists as well. One has seen ample growth of tourism in Rajasthan and the enticing land of ‘Haldighati’ has played a pivotal role in it. Tourists and natives have continuously sworn that they have experienced a thrilling experience and had goosebumps once they have stepped in the then battlefield. This place turns majestically mesmerizing during the famous Haldighati Festival. The festival celebrates the birthday of the brave  Maharana Pratap.

Maharana Pratap was a man of unbeating courage, chivalry and gallant right from his young days. He had the maturity of understanding the difference between the good and the bad right from early days. Not only this, he was a man of good ethics, intelligence and great conduct. He possessed potential to solve the day to day problems of his nation and was always ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of Mewar. This festival is unique in itself since it is not a mere religious affair but a celebration of the unbeatable courageousness of the king. The scale of celebration is in-describable. Every year it is celebrated with sheer joy and pompousness on the 11th of June. In fact this year  the  festival was a magnum-opus where everybody enjoyed as one.

Haldighati Mela Celebrations

During the festival the cities all around are decorated with flowers, colors, and lights and it appears as if the stars of the sky have come as close as a mile to the earth. The localities sing songs to offer their regards to the valiant king and the lyrics of songs describe the gallantry of Rana Pratap . The vibrancy and radiance in the atmosphere mesmerizes every person present there. One of the most exciting and enthralling attractions are the stalls that sell traditional handicrafts. These handicrafts are a hit with the tourists. They love to dress like one of the participants that looks fabulous. Wood-statues, toys, and ethnic ornaments of Rajasthan are kept in stalls for selling to tourists and other people.

Also a significant attraction is the echo that voices the name of the great legend. The visitors show their tribute by putting garlands on the statue of Rana Pratap; who holds a shining sword in his hand, upholds his head and mounts on his Chetak( His famous horse). Thousands join the fair to celebrate the secular vibe. The pure, colorful essence of Rajasthan dearly invites everyone to rub off their shoulders, to be a part of this grand celebration.

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