Hazrat Ali is a Muslim religious dignitary who is held in high esteem by the Islamic community across India and beyond. Born in 1238 to Abu Talib in the Kabba sanctuary, Hazrat Imam Ali was blessed by Prophet Mohammad who was also his father-in-law. During this period, Muslims belonging to the Chishti community offer their due respect to the legendary Sufi saint.

Ali is respected for his knowledge, courage, belief, honesty, deep loyalty to Muhammad, unbending devotion to Islam and equal treatment of all Muslims. He was also known for his generosity since he believed in forgiving his defeated enemies. He left for his heavenly abode on the day of Ramadan on 40th Hijrah and people from then until now follow his sayings sincerely though several centuries have passed by.

Hazrat Ali s Birthday Celebrations

Hazrat Ali is regarded as one of the pioneers who revived the Muslim culture and traditions to the core by spreading a unique message all over the world. He is considered a messiah of luck and every Muslim household is grandly adorned with glittering lights and beautiful flowers on his birthday. People offer their sincere prayers to the imam on this day to seek his blessings. All the mosques across the country are filled with people who remember the great sacrifice of this legendary soul.

Muslims across the world consider Hazrat Ali as the true heir to The Holy Prophet because of the wealth of knowledge he possessed. In fact, he is regarded as the perfect descendant because of the way he conducted his life. Not only this, he strived hard to spread Islamic values that he learnt from the prophet to all other people. Alternatively, Hazrat Ali proved to be a great philosopher throughout his life. As far as his family is concerned, enough evidence has been obtained about his brother who was named Jamaluddin; however, there is no reason mentioned anywhere why Hazrat Ali remained unmarried.

Several legendary personalities were his disciples and others who refrained such as Qutb-ud-din Mubarak Shah were killed. Perhaps, he was the ultimate ruler of Khilji dynasty to represent the Delhi sultanate after which it was dethroned. During his 70 years of active representation of the Sufi sect, he became responsible for the development of several branches due to which it was possible to spread Islamic beliefs, traditions and values all over India. This is the another reason why people remember him with great respect and offer their tribute to the legendary Sufi saint.

During his iconic and influential life reflecting the entire Muslim community across India, Hazrat Ali became immensely popular with the spread of knowledge through Chishti Nizami order in an effective manner. After casting his unique spell across the nation, he was able to maintain his own group of disciples who were highly crucial in spreading his knowledge and teachings. People in India celebrate the birthday of Hazrat Imam Ali with great respect and honor due to the services he rendered to the Islamic religion on the whole.

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