Holi in Mathura VrindavanHoli is synonymous with the towns of Mathura and Vrindavan as these towns are most intimately associated with Lord Krishna. Mathura is his birth place and Vrindavan is where he lived. Holi is associated with pranks, fun and frolic but in Mathura and Vrindavan it is also about the undying devotion and love of Lord Krishna for Radha. Holi is celebrated to honor and remember the faith, love and commitment of Lord Krishna and Radha.

The cities have a rich tradition of playing Holi and the festivities are enjoyed by the residents and tourists with great fervor and joy. Holi is the festivals of colors and the season is the herald of spring with Mother Nature too conspiring with fresh blooms everywhere. The day prior to Holi is the day of Holika Dahan and a bonfire is lit with the symbolism of burning our ego and evil intentions. It is a time to embrace the goodness in everyone and many such large gathering are held all over the towns of Vrindavan and Mathura the main focus being on the small town of Braj.

Mathura Vrindavan Holi Legends

The legend goes that since Krishna was dark skinned, he would ask his mother why his beloved Radha was fair? His mother told him that it is her color but he can color her in any color he wishes. The ritual of putting color on the faces is said to have emerged from this incident of Krishna putting color on Radha’s face. Krishna with his habit of playing pranks would trouble Radha and her friends and would be shooed away by the residents of Radha’s village.

Temples of Mathura Vrindavan During Holi

Temples of Mathura VrindavanThe Dwarkadesh Temple in Mathura is the most famous temple of Lord Krishna and the central point of Holi festivities. People from the neighboring areas gather here for the festival that lasts for a few days. This is the land of gods or Dev Bhoomi and Holi is celebrated here across the various temples for 10 days. Tours and trips are planned in advance to witness this spectacular event as it unfolds over the days. Boys and girls form groups and spray each other with colors, water and even flowers.

The temples wear a festive look, being decorated to the nine pins and welcoming one and all. The town is transformed in to a colorful paradise and the experience of Holi here is unforgettable. From the morning the festivities and celebrations of Lord Krishna’s favorite festival are in full swing. Young and old everyone joins in and is drenched in color and faith from tip to toe.
Holi Celebrations in Mathura Vrindavan
The beautiful temples of Vrindavan are transformed with the colors and flowers for the occasion of Holi and the devotees and tourists alike gather in the precincts and celebrate the festival with colors and water. Krishan Balram Temple and its Holi celebration are most famous in Vrindavan even though there are numerous temples like The Banke Bihari Temple or The Radha Damodara Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. For a truly emotional and devotional Holi, a visit to Mathura and Vrindavan is a must.

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