Observing any fiesta in the office is a perfect idea to take a breather from the daily routine. An office is a place where one spends most of his life, so it importance is self evident. It is a space that fosters the growth of not only an individual but also the organization as a whole.
Holi Celebration in Offices
The productivity of a company depends upon the office atmosphere. A positive reinforcement can be planned for the employees in many ways. One of them is to celebrate the festivals together, within the office. This promotes a spirit of oneness and a sense of belonging among the employees.

Office Rangoli on HoliHoli, is one of the major Indian festivals that is celebrated in early spring. The varied hues of the festival reflect the colors of spring and the victory of good over evil. In large parts of India, the festival is celebrated with colors, water balloons and water guns. Parties are often organized across the country where people groove to music and greet each other with sweets that form an important part of the festival.

The festival can also be celebrated with the diverse mix of one’s office team mates. If one is depressed with the drudgery of office work, a little bit of multicultural color can go a long way in enlivening the work. One of the key aspects of working in a multicultural workplace is that one can be proud of the diversity across India.

Holi in OfficesThe HR can throw a Holi bash in order to make the employees feel at home. This also helps those employees who are away from home and feeling nostalgic. There are a number of ideas for a Holi party in an office space.

One can add colour to their office outfit instead of wearing white for the day. Dig out some colorful and innovative cubicle decorations on Holi. Festive Indian sweets can also be placed on each desk with a little card that explains the significance of the festival. Confetti can be used on each desk to reflect the festive mood. Theme parties including face painting, singing or dancing competition can be organised.  Office goers would definitely love grooving to some live music by a DJ.

A simple celebration within office can be great in terms of promoting a sense of brotherhood among colleagues. The true reason behind celebrating this festival of colors is to move beyond all our worries and gear up for a new beginning.

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