Kids drenched in the colour of JoyHoli, marks the arrival of spring season which is an auspicious season for the Hindus. In this blooming season, the ‘tesu’ and all the other trees are filled with sweet smelling flowers. They all proclaim the glory and everlasting beauty of God and inspire you for hope, joy and a new life, leaving you with the thought of finding out, who actually is the creator behind them.

Holi symbolises the victory of good over the evil. And also, according to the Hindu mythology, the ashes left after the Holika Dahan are sacred and people rub it on their foreheads, which is said to guard them against the evils.

Holi is the festival of color and joy filled with an exotic Indian Spirit of thrill, happiness, uniqueness and energy. It is a festival widely celebrated across the nation. People prepare special recipes for this day and some of the delicious cuisines and delicacies exclusively enjoyed on Holi are Gujiya, Papri and Kanji ke Vade!
Colours of joy!
Be it strangers or friends, people gather on the streets together and throw colors and water at each other as this festival of solidarity sees no boundaries. People compose and sing special Holi songs to mark this occasion. Kids throw and spray colored water on one another with special Holi toys called Pichkaris , while adults play gracefully with gulaal and enjoy delicious Holi sweets.

Thandai and Bhaang ke Pakode are also some of the traditional food items of Holi. People have Bhaang and dance together on Holi songs. The day ends with a common tradition of dressing up in new clothes and visiting friends and relatives to pay adieu to the beautiful festival of love and friendship together.

appy Holi.

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