Hola Mohalla was first started on 1st March 1757 at Anandpur on Chet vadi. This custom was originated during the time of Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708) who held the first procession at Anandpur on Chet vadi. This was done to avert a grimmer struggle against imperial power following the battle of Ninnohgrah in 1700. Guru Sahib told his Sikhs wake up to their responsibility and duty as AKAAL PURAKH KI FAUJ (the Army of the Almighty) to defend the truth and protect the society. Thus, the history of Hola Mollaha goes back to 1757 A.D.

Hola Mohalla

Since then, Hola Mohalla has become a full fledged event held particularly in an open field near Holgarh Fort which is located in the northwest to the town of Anandpur. It is also believed to be started by Guru Gobind Singh where he accumulated all the Sikhs and encouraged them to perform various activities including Martial Arts etc.

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