Celebration of Id-ul-FitrIslam follows a unique approach in celebrating Eid. After the namaz, Muslims are supposed to celebrate the day in a responsible manner, greeting one another at home and in the neighborhood. Children receive gifts and sweets on this special occasion.

Everyone begins their day by taking a bath in the morning, wearing new clothes and eating dates before going to the mosque.

Men usually wear white clothes symbolizing purity and austerity. Alms are distributed to the poor. The Id special prayer ‘Do Rakat Namaz’ is performed in the morning in the mosque.

Eid-ul-Fitr WishingsSadaqah Fitr or charitable gift is a dole to break the fast. The grains and the quantities which are given to the poor are specified in the Quran.

People visit each others homes and take part in the festive meals with special dishes, beverages and desserts.

The most common food item that is eaten during this time is vermicelli (commonly known as seviyan) cooked in sweetened milk.

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