Eid Ka Chaand
Most of the Muslim festivals including the start and end of Ramzan and the festival of Eid are all based on actual sighting of the crescent of the new moon.
Moon Timings on Eid
This crescent if  less than 12 hrs old cannot be seen with naked eyes. In fact it s only visible with naked eye once it is 20-30 hours old.
Eid ul Fitr Moon
That’s the reason why many of the Muslim communities appoint a “Hilal”, which is a Crescent sighting community especially for this purpose and to calculate the dates of Islamic calendar.
Ramadaan Moon

The factors that majorly affect the sighting of a new moon are:

Distance at that moment of moon from Earth:
  • The height of the observer above sea level.
  • Clarity of atmosphere.
  • Wind directions.
  • The eye-sight quality of the observer.

Forthcoming Festivals