Popularly known as Bakrid, Id-ul-Zuha is a festival of great rejoice. Special prayers and exchange of greetings and gifts marks this festival of sacrifice and is celebrated with traditional fervor and gaiety in India.

Id-ul-Zuha is a reminder of Prophet Ibrahim s readiness to sacrifice his son for God s sake. It also marks the completion of Haj (pilgrimage to Mecca). On this day, special `Dua is recited by thousands of Muslims for peace and prosperity.The day also coincides with the day when the holy Quran was declared complete.


The festival of Bakrid is a commemoration of Hazrat Ibrahim s great test of obedience to Allah, who ordered him to sacrifice the person dearest to him.

Ibrahim decided to sacrifice his son Ismail, at Mina, near Mecca. As the great religious leader was on the point of applying the sword to the throat of his dear son, it was revealed to him that the exercise was merely a test of his faith in Allah, and that he could sacrifice a ram instead.

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