Independence Day Programs
The preparations of this festival begin at least 10 days before the event. Whole of India celebrates Independence Day through several programs like kite flying, cultural shows and celebrations in schools and colleges. Let us see how various people from around the nation celebrate this day:

Kite Flying on Independence Day

Kite Flying on Independence Day
There is a tradition of flying kites on the Independence Day. The sky is dotted with hundreds of colourful kites and people engage in kite-flying competitions.

Kites painted with the three colours of the national flag are a hot favorite. Balconies and roof-tops of houses are full of people flying kites and one can hear cheerful shouts of children in the evening as the kites soar in the sky.

Programmes On TV

Independence Day is a national holiday and the television channels treat their audience with patriotic films and songs. Cultural programmes featuring classical music and dance performances by top artistes are organized at several places. Television Channels provide a Live Coverage on the occasion and Radio Channels give the live commentary for the general masses.
Independence Day, August 15, commemorates the day in 1947 when India achieved freedom from British rule. It is celebrated with flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programs in the state capitals. The Prime Minister s speech at the Red Fort in Delhi is the major highlight.

Office Celebrations

All Government Organisations have a holiday as 15th August is a National holiday. In the capital New Delhi most of the Government Offices are lit up. In all the cities around the country the Flag Hoisting Ceremony is done by politicians belonging to that constituency.

In various private organisations the Flag Hoisting Ceremony is carried out by a Senior officer of that organisation. On Television, various Independence related programs are telecast, reminding us of the hard times faced by the freedom fighters.

School & College Celebrations

Independence Day in Schools
In almost all the schools and colleges around the country, no academic work is done on this day, but all the students and staff members gather in their respective institutions to celebrate Independence Day. The flag hoisting ceremony takes place followed by the National Anthem. After this various cultural activities like folk dances, skits and dramas are held in schools and colleges and the celebration continues till late evening.

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